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iAUNZ is an International Registered Trademark. iAUNZ trademark is own by iAUNZ  branding iAUNZ Dairy & Healthcare Products from AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND. Bringing the best possible products through our Sales Network channels overseas for Hong Kong, CHINA, INDIA & ASIA.

Our humble history begins with :

Our Premium & Organic Dairy Farms, supported by Our National Corporate Manufacturers and Our Sales & Marketing Company WOWIN SOWEB NET Ltd (Hong Kong).

Currently, iAUNZ is seeking Hong Kong & CHINA investors to boost our branding and recognition within CHINA. Launching our new premium products to meet the needs of the lovely “BAO BAO” in this growing nation.

Why choose us?

OUR FARMS are fully certified within the highly stringent national health standards to ensure our milk is preserved to its original highest possible quality.
Our dairy farm’s milk is collected twice daily producing 7.5million litres of milk per annum. Sufficient to produce some 800,000 can of infant formula milk annually to be sold internationally. We have an organic programming in our farms and project to expand to 10 farms within the next 24months.
Our Organic farms will also have organic staple produce eg. Soya beans, Potatoes, Carrots, Barley, Oats, Wheat, Grapes, Olives, Rice, etc… These possibilities are factual and utilises modern eco-friendly methodologies to reduce the applications of chemical fertilizers. Hence, this result in producing a healthier and more nutritious agri-produce which is environmentally friendly, reduce water pollution, a higher natural yield for healthier human consumption.

Australia & New Zealand rank amongst the WORLD BEST QUALITY DAIRY directly to you from our Farms, Manufacturers and Network.

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Premium Dairy & Healthcare Products

-Premium Quality & Vitality Healthcare Products to our Authorised Network

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Premium & Organic Farming

Organic Farming – Now & Future Farming Lifestyle and Investment .

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