iAUNZ PLATINUM Stages 123 Premium Infant Milk Powder Formula iAUNZ PLATINUM is registered under the iAUNZ trademark Infant Formula 123 series. iAUNZ  PLATINUM is specially designed with the finest Super Premium Quality Infant Milk Powder Formula for Asian diet babies. iAUNZ PLATINUM Range formula has been developed, manufactured and packaged in Australia to provide the TOP SUPER PREMIUM possible nutrition, growth and development benefits for our asian “Bao Bao”.   STAGE 1 INFANT FORMULA iAUNZ PLATINUM Newborn Infant Formula satisfies all nutritional needs for bottle feeding infants. This milk powder formula contains whey protein, which is easily absorbed into the body. This...
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iAUNZ PLATINUM Range Infant Milk Formula

  iAUNZ PLATINUM Infant Milk Formula Powder is specifically designed for ASIAN Babies in mind. This formulation covers a wide spectrum of nutrition beginning from Infant Stage 1, Follow-on to Stage 2 and Toddlers Stage 3 to assist the baby to achieve the desired physical bone structure, internal metabolic immunity, brain development preparing the child ready to embark its journey to learning and growth. iAUNZ PLATINUM Infant Milk Formula Powder  is available for network distributors to place orders for AQSIQ, CIQ and Australia Authorities to certify for export production to CHINA & any other markets. We are now...
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