iAUNZ Products Territory Sales Network in CHINA

iAUNZ Territorial Licensee for Territory Sales Network in CHINA, for Territory Sales Network Hong Kong, Macau & Zhuhai (tri-economic zone) Contact: Mr Ho, Representative iAUNZ Contact details: Phone 852 2461 2188              Email – for Asia & any other Country Contact : Philip HO JP, Director Phone – 612 9415 1999 Mob. 61 403 038 873 Email. – website:  ...
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Pure & Active Jarrah & Manuka HONEYs

Introduction: Honey is the nectar gathered by the honeybees from different flowering plants, and the honey name is derived from that plant source. Honey is completely natural. Beekeepers gather honey from beehives of the pristine natural forests and is then spun from the comb. The use of Honey in Medicine dates as far back as Aristotle (c.350 BC) who wrote of honey ‘… It is good as a salve for sore eyes and wounds’. Over the past few years there has been renewed interest in the use of honey in modern infection healthcare; with increasing reports of its...
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