Q?Investment 2 – Standard Dairy Farm ?

Standard Dairy Farm is an average size farm with the potential of its normal dairy commitments & also its self sustaining fodder feed program. This feed fodder projects is designed to ensure the farm maintain its required high density yield feed. Any extra variant feed required will be solicited from our larger resource farm. This is to ensure our cows are well feed all year round with the right nutrition for its required premium quality daily output.

Investment Cost : 6.5-8 Million AUD

Land size 350-550 Hectacre

Dairy Cow : 350-650 cows

Investment Time : 5 Year Plan (Achieving Organic Status)


Q?Investment 1 – Resource Dairy Farm?

Resource Dairy Farm is a large farm with the potential of its normal dairy commitments & also an additional fodder feed program. This extra feed fooder projects on the farm is additional financial returns to the farm income.

Investment Cost : 10-12Million AUD

Land size 1000-1500 Hectacre

Dairy Cow : 750-1300 cows

Investment Time : 5 Year Plan (Achieving Organic Status)


Q?Invest in Our Organic Dairy Farming Projects?

Australian & New Zealand Dairy Milk is rank one of the world most purest and premium quality as our dairy cows are feed with premium food cycle through 4 seasons of the year. The clean and chemical pesticide free environment practices allows our farms to ensure our end-products (MILK) is an assured quality.

Our returns on the dairy produce delivers a higher premium concentration of Milk solids produce daily…more dollars… The world today is seeking an assured quantity & quality dairy produce which our farms can produce and deliver… contact us today

Q?iAUNZ Dairy Products?

iAUNZ Dairy Products is OEM from Australia & New Zealand with respectable national companies with the highest compliance certification and also acceptable for CHINA (CIQ) & International markets.

iAUNZ Dary Products :

a.   Premium Infant Milk Formula

b.   Premium UHT Full Cream Milk 

c.    Organic Dairy & Soy Formula

d.   Special Formulas specifications for Pre&Post Natal, After Surgery, High Energy beverages 


Q?How to Join our iAUNZ Product Network?

1.   Must be a registered Company in our territory/Country

2.   Must have financial ability and already in the business trading

3.   Licence for a specific territory/province/state/ etc…

4.   Licence to be an importer of our products with your national import bureau

5.   Logistics transfer & storage requirements (where applicable) 


Contact US today…

Q?iAUNZ Network Territories AVAILABLE?

1.   Hong Kong ( seeking 3 licencees)

2.   CHINA seeking –  SICHUAN Province – Fujian Province – Guangdong Province –   

                                      Zhejiang Province – etc…

3.   Myammar – Open for Application

4.   Vietnam – Open for Application

5.   Thailand – Open for Application

6.   India – Open for Application

7.   SriLanka – Open for Application

Any other areas…Contact Us today…


Q?What is organic farming?

Organic farming is a system which:
Improves the structure, fertility, and health of the soil while enhancing the surrounding environment
Produces quality agricultural and livestock products, true to species, with high nutritional value
Avoids pollution resulting from agriculture
Minimises the use of non-renewable resources
Increases biodiversity
Works towards being a closed system

Q?Why become certified organic?

The market for organic food in Australia and overseas is expanding rapidly as people seek a healthy, high nutrition diet and become more aware of the environmental benefits provided by organic farmers. The production of organic food is a highly ethical business with long term social and environmental benefits for the whole community. It’s also a nice way to farm.