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iAUNZ Beverages in Crystal Premium H2O Water, Fruit Juices & Drinks and Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Wines & Spirits carries our branding for Quality, Nutrition and Enjoyment consumers preferences and delights.

iAUNZ H2O Water  is naturally sourced, harvested and packaged into our specially selected container to seal its original potency (Natural Minerals) and state. Fresh Water carefully filtered off all impurities within maintaining only a soft, clean and crisp palatable water.Our water is free from chemicals, pesticides, pollution and kosher bottled to meet most of our market consumers expectations.

Our water comes from Australia & New Zealand exclusive water sources and bottled to our required standards to ensure its quality is compromise. for more details click here…

iAUNZ Fruit Juices & Drinks comes in Natural Fruit Juices packed in tetrapak 1 litre volume or can be produced into 375ml bottled juices. Sports Drinks and yogurt drinks are bottled with all its natural ionic supplement and vitamins and minerals to ensure a delicious quenching drink. All our Fruit Juices & Drinks does not contain added sugars as Natural Fruit Juices embraces its own Natural Sweetness, Natural Colors and Natural Nutrition. Our Drinks also include LOW GI calorie drinks for Diabetic patrons who enjoys a refreshing fruity nutrition within its GI moderation.

Our Fruit Juices and Drinks are manufactured by licensed bottling plants that calibrate to our required standards for its Quality Nutritious Value as Mother Nature has intended.

iAUNZ Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Wines & Spirits, is developed to provide both drinking patrons a choice of quality and quantitative enjoyments. V-Pub branding is a range of drinks is produce for pubs, clubs and entertainment venues that serves premium quality drinks from Beers, Wines, Champagnes Vodkas &  its variant composition. Be it drinking at leisure from home or at the pubs, clubs and entertainment venues, V-Pub products will stand out in Taste, Quality and Palpated to the drink pleasures of our patrons.

Therefore, Our Beverages is a necessary staple and/or supplements within our modern lifestyle & household. Our Products are GMP and HACCP approved and manufactured with the strictest health and hygiene requirements under its’ industry ISO re-quirements. In addition, most of our products are KO-SHER / Halal certified to embrace most of our custom-ers expectations.

Therefore, we pride our iAUNZ trademark with a line of premium quality products which is nutritious, pesticide free, non-GMO and hygienically produce and packed for its potency and nutritious goodness.

Hence, ENJOY and Drink to Good Health & Happiness… CHEERS!!!

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