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Beef Choices: Grain, Grass, Organic & Branded
Beef producers offer a variety of beef choices to meet the changing lifestyles and nutritional needs of consumers. While each offers something different, they all share three common values: taste, nutrition and safety.•Grain-fed Beef – The most widely produced and tends to be less expensive. The cattle spend most of their lives eating grass in a pasture before moving to a feedlot where they are fed a high-energy, grain diet.•Grass-finished Beef – The cattle are raised on grass pastures their entire lives. Producing in large volumes is the key focus in getting the right nutrition in beef cattle in Australia; especially if you seek to attain “Organic” on the quality outcome.•Certified Organic Beef – The cattle must be fed 100% organic feed and must be certified through the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce System. In addition, these cattle can not be given hormones to promote growth or antibiotics. If antibiotics are needed they are not withheld but the animal must be permanently removed from the program.•Natural/Branded Beef – By definition, most beef is natural. According to  “natural” may be used on a beef label if the beef does not contain artificial flavouring  colouring  chemical preservatives or any other artificial or synthetic ingredient. Producers raising cattle for beef marketed with a “natural” label may follow different production practices in order to brand their beef.iAUNZ  offer Organic Beef as a wholesale option to major meat distributors overseas. All the meat cuts are carefully handled within the factory to ensure “HALAL”, and HACCP requirements for export. We ship only whole cuts of cows in block contract supply (100-500 cows)  in container loads per order.

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