Our Farms – Farm 1 Dairy Resource Farm (Australia)

Resource farm is mainly consist of a standard farm operation with 750-1000 head of cows. It is self sufficient and has additional land to grow the necessary food/fodder to feed another 3000 cows. Its acreage can also be designated as special curing lot for husbandry application, young calves nursery & breeding programs.


This Resource farm consists of :

  • Area –1 520 hectares
  • Dairy Cows – 750-1000 heads
  • 1 Homestead Property
  • 1 Farmhouse
  • 1 Dormitory
  • 1 40 cow Rotary Milking shed
  • 1 Feedstock concrete flats & railed compound
  • 1 Stainless steel Vat for Milk (available to commission another vat)
  • 4 Grain silos
  • 1 Machinery shed
  • 1 Huge shed (can be appointed as next  fodder shed)
  •  Sealed Roads & Fensing for Cattle passage
  • Large acreage sector of Premium Density Grass with Tree lined + fencing
  • Acreages used for additonal feed/fodder, Grain crops, Canola etc… as revenue income
  • Water licence supplied
  • Part land can be used for property development, rotation crop feed, etc… 
  • Organic Status Possibilities on application (3 year qualification program)
  • Investor/s Fast-Track Migration benefit VISA 188/388





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