iAUNZ PLATINUM Range Infant Milk Formula


iAUNZ PLATINUM Infant Milk Formula Powder is specifically designed for ASIAN Babies in mind. This formulation covers a wide spectrum of nutrition beginning from Infant Stage 1, Follow-on to Stage 2 and Toddlers Stage 3 to assist the baby to achieve the desired physical bone structure, internal metabolic immunity, brain development preparing the child ready to embark its journey to learning and growth.

iAUNZ PLATINUM Infant Milk Formula Powder  is available for network distributors to place orders for AQSIQ, CIQ and Australia Authorities to certify for export production to CHINA & any other markets. We are now seeking join venture franchisee territories in CHINA, Hong Kong and others.

Any interested parties, please contact us at, enquiry@iaunz.com or call 61 403 038 873 to speak to our Sales Director Mr Philip HO.


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