Rotary milking

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Rotary milking systems are a faster and more efficient way of milking large herds, a constant flow of cows loading and unloading the platform provides smooth cow movement saving time and stress. Platforms with less than 60 milking points only require a single cups-on operator attaching a set of cups every 7 – 10 seconds. Platforms with higher numbers of milking points will require a second person to assist with cup attachment.

The external milking rotary is by far the most popular in Australia and has the milk-line mounted below the platform on the outside of the drive track. This configuration allows for a smaller diameter platform than an internal milking platform thus reducing the overall project cost. Mounting the milk-line and pulsation line on the outside of the track allows easy access to equipment by the operator and service personnel.

Vacuum is supplied to milking system via an overhead supply line normally constructed from 100mm or 150mm stainless steel tube depending on the size of the system and customer preference. A swivel gland mounted in the centre allows this line to rotate with the platform and there are a number of slip rings fitted to transfer power and data on/off the platform. The milk is pumped off the platform via a stainless steel milk delivery line that passes through the centre of the vacuum gland and then travels separately across overhead to the milk filter and pre-cooler.