Dairy Cows

Cattle breeding with modern scientific genetics (implementing time proven Master Breeder selection criteria) to tailoring future generations of calves both for Meat and Milk is vital for a sustainable and profitable cattle industry. … read more …

Mr John OBrien’s veteran in this field  40 years of research and practical experience is able to (independent research) demonstrate (clearly validates) that these genetics from generation of breeding and selection under strict commercial farming conditions can will produce the next generation of cattle essential for a sustainable and profitable farming culture now into the future.

Obviously, in organic designed farms, these genetically chosen breeding are groomed conducively to produce a higher quality Milk Components which eventuates a more profitable off-takes in its daily quota toward organic milk certification.

This selection criteria provides the following :
Reducing Mature Size
Increasing Body Width & Capacity
Increasing Milk Components (Higher Quality Milk Fat/Solids)
Improving Fertility
Instilling Longevity – the Greatest indicator of Disease Resistance
Reducing Reliance on Supplementation & Medication
Eliminating Calving difficulties
Improving ability to produce & function efficiently at lower cost feeds
Profitable Sustainable Grass Based Dairy Production
Having a Major Positive Impact on Economic Functionality
Reducing Farmer’s COP… want to know more….Contact us