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Organic Dairy Farming HUBS…. NOW AVAILABLE!

The aim of the Dairy Farm Project is; “To provide a long term profitable  business opportunity for  overseas investors interested in developing two way export and investment in agriculture and the dairy industry in particular.  This investment is focused on building “enterprise value” for the investor.  The project is also tailored to meet the Australian Government business migration investment criteria.”

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Profitable Cattle Pty Ltd

Your Profit has little to do with what you receive.
Your Profit has a lot to do with your Cost of Production

Cost of Production (COP) is out of control in all Dairy and Beef production systems resulting in a situation of diminishing returns.

For several decades, in several Countries, Profitable Cattle Pty Ltd has performed extensive, independent, hands on research, evaluating and analysing cattle genetics and farming methods.

The results accurately and clearly validate – incorrect genetic design and selection is the greatest contributor to this unprofitable and unsustainable and situation.

During extensive research strains of commercially proven, functionally efficient and profitable Dairy and Beef Genetics have been evaluated, identified and secured and are available to you.

Through introducing these genetics you will raise the economic functionality of your herd reducing your COP and raising your sustainable profit levels.

iAUNZ is an International Registered Trademark. iAUNZ trademark is own by 2 Founders of Lord Glory Limited (HK) used in branding iAUNZ Dairy & Healthcare Products from AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND. We also co-host other Australian & New Zealand partnership products to offer a wider range of premium services to our consumers.

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